The number of  classroom and out-of-classroom lessons that can be constructed from the elements in is limited only by your imagination. This is true of lessons for beginners as well as graduate and post-graduate students. I have described a few of these below. You are welcome to suggest new ones in the section of called "General Comments." If you develop such a new lesson, call your neighbor's attention to it by starting your comment with the words "NEW LESSON"  You are more than welcome to give your name and e-mail address if you like.


NEW LESSON #1. Have your students write sentences with "Preforms [3]," for example, from a limited number of the Alphabetical Categories in Especially for younger students, this limited set of letters could spell out the personal name of that particular student.

            PROTOCOL:  Access from the first letters of your name, the first five alphabetized preforms that are given in those lists. Limit yourself to the level of [3]. Copy the Preforms and below that, write your new sentence that contains the Preform without changes. It is important that you do not change any part of the Preform, except the person and number. Outside the Preform, you are encouraged to change anything that is correct according to grammar.

            For more advanced students, the level of the Preforms might be any from [6] through [8] or [9 and [10]. Again, they are to write the Bare Preform and copy it in their NEW Sentence that follows. Repeating the entire Preform is very important: students are not to simply make a line in the Sentence. To do so would be like the student shooting himself in the foot. The Preforms are being committed to memory.

                                                                                                                 (Clyde Coreil )                                                                                                                               




PREFORM:  has the voice of an angel  [4]


NEW SENTENCE:  When Helen was about nine years old, she had the voice of an angel.


(SENTENCE FROM SITE: Carol has the voice of an angel: everyone likes to hear her sing.)



NEW LESSON #2. This might be interesting for post-graduate students. The level of Preform is [9], [10] and [10+]. Choose five sentences ([9] and [10]) from a limited set of letters. Choose  a  more sophisticated example given in "Sentence." Write out the complete Preform. Using the Preform and the general shape of the structure, write a new Sentence below that element.




  PREFORM:   it should be stressed that CLAUSE  [10]

  SENTENCE FROM SITE:  It should be stressed that to abuse animals is a crime.


 PREFORM:   it should be stressed that CLAUSE  [10]

 STUDENT’S SENTENCE:  It should be stressed that a knowledge of mathematics is assumed by              

                                                  many professors of statistics.


NEW LESSON #3. Roll two dice. You get 3 and 2: the total is five. You are to select the fifth letter of the alphabet, which is "E". You open the category of "E". Then you roll the dice again. This time, you get 6 and 4. The new total is ten. You go down the list of sentences to number 10. You choose the first sentence after 10 with the desired number of the Preform. Say, the desired number is [7]. You roll through the Preforms until you come upon one followed by [7]. Write the Preform and make up a new Sentence containing the Preform. Cooperate with others in the class who have come up with their own new sentence.